Machine Warranty:

1. The Seller guarantees that this quoted equipment to be supplied by him shall be completely new and in excellent quality, and that the choice of the goods shall meet the requirements of the operation and also are conform to the stipulations in technical description to this quotation for a period of 12 months from date of installation, but not more than 15months from date of delivery. During the warranty period, if any parts damaged because of quality, the Seller will send parts in free of charge to replace the damaged parts, in case the Buyer required the Seller to send the technician to his factory, the cost for round air tickets, lodgings, hotel, transportation and food will be on the account of the Buyer.

2. All the interventions, caused by incorrect manoeuvres or maintenance on the machine, will be invoiced (full price) to the Purchaser for all materials, working hours and required costs.

3. If minor defects are found in the goods during the installation period and the guarantee period, the Buyer shall be entitled to eliminate the defects himself, with the Seller consent in advance.

4. This warranty does not include the normal wear and tear.

Quality Control

When it comes to quality, we are unyielding. Moreover our R & D personnel realize that innovation and excellence is the key to the future. The positive impact of ISO 9001 accreditation has assisted us in our ongoing quest to drive down costs and raise quality levels, ultimately translating into more competitive prices to the benefit of our customers.From incoming raw materials to outgoing finished glass machine we employ very strict quality controls to ensure that all components in our glass machines meet the desired standards. We continually test components and raw materials in our well equipped laboratory.
Globally, the competitive tempo is quickening. Consumers demand even more from their products and legislation requires products to be effective and stable.

Commitment to Quality
Juesi's philosophy is to produce every glass machine by heart, to offer clients with better after-sales service! Customers' satisfaction is Juesi's eternal task. Juesi commits to precisely identify the needs and demands of customers, reacts promptly to every problem that clients meet, offer them superior quality products according to their expectations. Customers' problems are Juesi's challenges, for which we are aspired to offer innovative, cost-effective and dependable technology which fully fits for the purpose intended. Juesi appreciates every customer's new idea and advice as well as pursues friendly win-win partnership, our customers are our strategic partners with whom we work closely to seek solutions which will add value to their own products and reputations.