After sales


JUESI Glass Machinery Co., Ltd - manufacturing machinery & providing after-sales to the glass processing industries. We are strongly focused on providing excellent customer service levels and fully understand the importance of uptime, quality and production. All requests for services including emergency breakdown assistance are directed through professional after-sales team which ensures a quick response, professional advice & solutions. Please send us e-mails and we will reply within 24 hours.E-mail:  Tel: +86-757-22262771

Because we really care!!

JUESI Glass Machinery will continue to provide the high quality machines as well as market leading service care, which covers customers’ prior needs. Our service care system has recently undergone many improvements. JUESI Glass Machinery intends to expand its operation and secure agreements with customers, giving them a much greater range of service as well as spare parts support.

Before each requested service we discuss any matters that require attention so these can be rectified during scheduled visits. A service kit which includes recommended spare parts is provided for each service and replaced during the visits if they are deemed as required. This is the basis of our pro-active maintenance and proves to be an investment not only for a machines lifetime but for good customer care and relations.Our contracted services are performed as per our OEM programmed maintenance sheets and provide professional servicing and calibrations to critical areas of the machinery. After each service visit a discussion about requirements and repairs is made with the customer providing you with a pro active approach to each machines condition. We provide our contracted customers with preferential treatment during breakdown situations and offer various other benefits. Each contract is tailored and specific to each customer if you require further information please use the contact form provided. Alternatively please contact